February 27, 2022

Ukraine Crisis is First a UN Constitutional Crisis

“The United Nations was created during the war to end all future wars”, this was Secretary General’s sad admission, after the Security Council resolution SC/14808, that the UN once more has failed to resolve an international conflict peacefully. In fact since its creation the UN has been unable to prevent hundreds of wars with tens of millions of casualties worldwide. The reason: the Security Council is under-represented with only 15 member states from the almost 200 countries. It is undemocratic—there are no people representations at the Council. And it is apartheid—with five permanent members including Russia, United States, and China being able to make the decisions for the rest of the world but through the veto, in any conflict, at their wish, excluding themselves of any global decision. This birth defect was known at the time of the creation of the UN. Therefore almost all the countries present in San Francisco in 1945 voted to hold a review of the UN Charter after 10 years. This gift of Article 109 Paragraph 3 of the charter to humanity has been ignored and not exercised. We urge the Secretary General, and the UN Member States to hold the long overdue Charter review convention. Let’s uphold the San Francisco Promise of a new UN and rid ourselves of the savage war-system and replace it with rule of law and justice. Let’s give UN a constitution.

The Center for United Nations Constitutional Research
S.M. Sharei
Executive Director