A Field Analysis of the Dynamics of Conflict in the South Kivu/DRC

Christian Walungwa Bitela

Published here with the permission of the author.

Abstract: This study is named a Field Analysis of the Dynamics of Conflicts in the South Kivu /DRC. There are several   conflicts which are based on local authority, economic, social issues and land access and so on.   In fact, youth have been manipulated by different stakeholders over several years past of conflict. They are enrolled in different armed groups such as Mayi Mayi and so on. We have noticed that there is also the case of misleading of the information among different local stakeholders in the milieu. There is a lack of education through youth. Then we have suggested an Acting Together Performance and Creative Transformation of Conflict Approach as well as we have done with pupils of MAKUNGU high school in Bukavu /DRCongo by sensitizing pupils and teachers in creating peace building clubs in order they may live in harmony with their colleagues and teachers also to take care of community and youth in general and that of the South Kivu province in particular.

It describes also the contribution of different stakeholders who are operational in promoting peace process in the South kivu province as well as Foundation Panzi which has been created by Professor Denis Mukwege. The aim of Panzi foundation is to promote women as a key stakeholder for the development of society. In fact, the mission of the Panzi Foundation/DRC is to fight against all forms of gender- based violence and provide holistic care to survivors of sexual violence and contribute to the empowerment of women and their leadership.

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